Case Study

I was asked to Analyse the Website from UX design perspective.

Things I like the most about the website from UX design percpective:

  1. The website is Impressive and it has more then aesthetically pleasing appearance
  2. The website is well designed from usability and functionality perspective, cohesive in design and detailed touch of topography
  3.  Innovative but not distractive
  4. Overall website has a unique look, simple and different from the rest, it has a well defined brand message, logo design catchy and placed too create curiosity about the landing of homepage. The website has optimized quality graphics for faster load time, responsive to  various device
  5. Labels and Caption graphics are impressive and designed to the concept
  6. Very well designed topography and Easy Navigation with  creative design for CTA Buttons makes the website look aesthetically appealing
  7. I like the hoover effect of buttons and sketchy look of the response space
  8. The  Unique design of Contact Page with the graphics speaking for every location which is rarely seen in any of the website


  1.  Logo is a focal point of Amu website which speaks about the branding strategy and is major point of recognition which immediately draws visitors in and peeks their curiosity – very well thought to be unique landing page.
  2. Homepage is the doorway to the subpages on the website where the website takes the action and speaks about the storyline/branding/marketing Aspects.
  3. Scrolling over clicking to help guide website visitors through your brand story
  4. Flow of the website /storyline is crystal clear so that the visitors will know which actions to take next 
  5. Information architecture(IA) of the site user friendly
  6. Content is short easily digestible 1-2 sentence paragraphs so that the visitors don’t get overwhelmed
  7. Images very good quality and relates to the content and very well optimized for faster load time
  8. Fonts can be easily read regardless of the type of device
  9. Video more effectively explains the product or services to the audience
  10. Website design offers easy navigation for visitors to quickly find what they are looking for
  11. The website design shows simplicity, creatively designed topography  which makes the good quality whitespace that helps visitors to captivate the audience and focus on the essentials  of the website, as we know we just have 5seconds to make the value of our website clear to the visitors
  12. The website looks up-to date with latest blogs updated
  13. Capture forms are short to encourage more visitors to share their contact information with you and designed it creatively with sketchy effect.
  14. Blogs /Business Blogs not only helps keep the website active but can help you tremendously with search rankings/marketing perspective( as per my view)
  15. Social media Drives to qualified site to drive qualified traffic to your site


  1. Add up with the feature of chat box/help will immediately add on to the marketing strategy
  2. We can work more on the graphics for the background to the content theme and replaced/update which helps  to gives the website fresh content to show your visitors that you have on active and thriving business
  3. Hamburger menu …( with 3 dots in square) near the images on the homepage in service section could be avoided as the hoover effect of the images itself says images has clickable content. This could create more white space and clear rather then crowded page
  4. Social media icons on the footer changes its color on hoover to red which makes the visibility of the icon low
  5. Text could be high lighted in the caption sentence to the catch the key word search
  6. Text on the service section is not clearly visible on the smaller devices
  7. Needs some attention to the text over the graphics or graphics could be made little more blure
  8. Content text or the catchy sentence could be framed creatively to look unique eg. ‘why our clients work with us’ could be replace more creatively by saying ‘why our clients love us’
  9. If we can stick on to two brand color  for the background on the service page as blue color doesn’t relate to the theme of the page
  10. The website could have some update on newsletter/activity/ branding to make it more catchy ,interesting, to make the visitors to return to the website for updates which make it look up-to -date on homepage.