Mobile Banking

  • Re-designed a Project, Mobile App to support the online Mobile Banking .
  • Created and presented the concepts.
  • Researched on the users experience and reviews about mobile banking .
  • Navigated through the card sorting.
  • Developed the Personas and the wire-frames.
  • Lo-fidelity to Hi-fidelity- Prototypes, Clickable Prototype Using In-vision. 
  • Conducted, analysed and synthesised the results of Usability Test by heuristic evolution.

Tools :Marvel, In-vision, Sketch App, Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, 2d modelling Auto cad, 3d Modelling.

Soft Skills : User Research, Wire-Frames, Rapid Prototype, Usability Test, Sketching, Optimal card sorting, Design Architect, 3D Modelling, Presentation skills.     

Presentation For Re-designing of Mobile Banking App

Process of UX design


Areas of Inquiry:

  • Ask People about specific experience the best time,worst time,the most recent time and encourage them to share as many details as they are willing to share.
  • Ask open-ended questions that uncover true stories.
  • Ask people to summarize there thoughts and focus on the most important points.
  • Ask follow up question: Why did you feel that way


         SOLUTIONS :

  1. Feature A: Accuracy in Users best-in-class fraud prevention and detection capabilities.
  2. Feature B:Saving frequent Reminders.
  3. Feature C: User Friendly app.
  4. Feature D:Adding Widgets to the homepage to frequently asked basic information about the banking .
  5. Feature E:Comparative Deal Analysis Widgets.
  6. Feature F:Website/App Focused on more on the go Behaviours.

Information Architecture

User Flow

Screen Flow