Travel Website

  • Designed a Project, responsive website to support the online Travel Experience.
  • Created and presented the concepts.
  • Researched and interviewed the users.
  • Navigated through the card sorting.
  • Developed the Personas and the wire-frames.
  • Lo-fidelity to Hi-fidelity- Prototypes, Clickable Prototype Using In-vision. 
  • Conducted, analysed and synthesized the results of Usability Test by heuristic evolution.

Tools :Axure RP8 ,Marvel, In-vision, Sketch App, Adobe illustrator, Photshop, Microsoft Office, 2d modelling Autocad, 3d Modelling.

Soft Skills : User Research, Wire-Frames, Rapid Prototype, Usability Test, Sketching, Optimal card sorting, Design Architect, 3D Modelling, Presentation skills.        

GOAL : My Research Goals is to find out upcoming product ,to make my User Experience joyous and Satisfaction.To meet the user needs,usability, Demands, Analysis.

Features like- Voice User Interfaces (VUI) are the primary or supplementary visual, auditory, and tactile interfaces that enable voice interaction between people and devices.

To Find The Target Audience:

My Target Audience are the people who travel frequently with variety of experiences and recruit them by email or social networking.

Areas of Inquiry:

  • Ask People about specific experience the best time,worst time,the most recent time and encourage them to share as many details as they are willing to share.
  • Ask open-ended questions that uncover true stories.
  • Ask people to summarize there thoughts and focus on the m

         SOLUTIONS :

  1. Feature A: Accuracy in Users first search result of booking the tickets.
  2. Feature B:Saving frequent traveler information, to book tickets to same destination,same time, same flights, which will save the time and efforts of browsing in the busy schedule of Business.
  3. Feature C:Verbal Booking while commuting and multitasking.
  4. Feature D:Adding Widgets to the homepage to frequently asked basic information about the booking of tickets.
  5. Feature E:Comparative Deal Analysis Widgets.
  6. Feature F:Website/App Focused on more on the go Behaviors.
  • Navigation Reflection :   Proposed Three Type of navigation:
  •  Global Navigation:To set up features like Audio/Verbal icon which will be at top right corner on the Home Page.This will help the frequent travel user persona while commuting and in there busy schedule.
  • Faceted Navigation:To set up keyword search to judge the basic information for the booking .This will help the user persona to get the accuracy  first check and direct information on the Home page.
  • Supplemental Navigation:To set a search and guide for the travel  info destination. This will the User persona to guide with the best deal and to save the history.
  • Task Senorio 1:

User Wants to get the direct information about the tickets information and deals directly on the front page of website.

In this busy schedule hidden Information about the cost, baggage claim should be considered and informed on the front page rather then at the time of payment page.

GoalTo make the ticket booking on single information click button. 

  • Task Senorio 2:

Is to book the tickets verbally while commuting and multitasking for the project deliverable’s.

Goal :Is to provide audio icon button on the search page which will help to book the ticket while going about the project deliverable’s.

  •  Task Senorio 3:

Is to save the tickets and the history for the frequent travelers(which is part of IA Information Architecture)

Goal: This will Save time and Efforts for the frequent business travel who travel to same destination on the same particular days in month or week.

Process and Purpose of Usability Test:As a Initial inception phase of travel website project, I felt its necessary to conduct further analysis with real Users to explorepossibility in functionality via a clickable prototype.                 

      Observation:      The User like the few proposed features like Audio Booking which could save the time while Multitasking which even satisfied the problem solving statement.      The User liked the concept of User Friendly home page and was comfortable to get the direct information on the same screen. User compared with his experience of getting hidden information after navigating through series of pages while booking the tickets, which used to back and forth the process of booking the tickets which was time consuming thoughts.     

Synthesizing Findings and Presenting :      The Usability test with the travel website shows that there are issues with navigation.The Participant of the test dint find much problem to basic navigation to the website.      Presenting :The issues are easily overcome by conducting more upfront piloting.